Successful dating sometimes seems more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re with someone and you want it to work, you might be willing to go to extreme lengths. But, if you feel like it’s not going to work, no matter what you do, you might let the dream of a successful dating relationship go. What’s the point right? But don’t give up. Instead, allow the 7 rules for successful dating to work for you.

1- Respect one another.

There are lots of ways to demonstrate that you respect your partner. That can be as simple as being a better listener and encouraging him or her. Show that you want the relationship to succeed.

2- Discuss goals.

Talk about where you see yourself going and make it clear the role you perceive your partner having in your future.

3- Make decisions together.

When things come up, discuss them together. Whether you’re trying to decide on a vacation location or are making a decision about a new job. The discussion and working through things will make the relationship stronger.

4- Talk about money.

If you’re in a serious dating relationship, discussing money is absolutely essential. Most marriages end because of financial issues. The same is true of successful dating. Discuss small things, like budgets and monetary goals to start.

5- Spend time together.

It seems normal, but sometimes, you need to work to spend time together. If you’re both busy or are on opposite schedules, see if you can squeeze in a couple hours at odd times, like at lunch.

6- When things happen, share them.

Whether it’s a bad day at work, a hard day in classes or just frustration with someone share it. This allows you to know what’s coming. Sometimes those little things build up and then you take the anger or frustration out on your partner. That’s normal. But, for successful dating, sharing the incident with them will allow your partner to prepare for an outburst. And it gives that person the opportunity to support you.

7- Don’t hide the truth.

Lying is easy. Everyone does it. Avoid temptation. It doesn’t make things better or easier. In fact, when the truth comes out, which it will, it makes it a lot harder to handle.

If you read through those seven rules for successful dating, you probably noticed a pattern. Most of them have to do with communication. That’s because the only way you can have a successful dating relationship is by keeping the lines of communication open. That doesn’t mean you talk about absolutely everything. It does mean you talk about the important things, the semi-important things and even a lot of the mundane things.

Successful Dating Done Right

Successful dating isn’t easy. But if you do it right, it’s worth it. Really, when you and your partner learn to communicate and respect one another, successful dating is natural. And it’s something you’ll learn to desire for each and every relationship that you’re in. Don’t worry, it’ll get better.

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Theodore Lovelace holds a degree with an emphasis in political science and communication. Having worked in the counseling field for over thirty years, Mr. Lovelace has provided counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.


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