“A time to tear and a time to fix, a time to be silent and a time to talk” (Ecclesiastes 3:7). At instances, it may be tough to remain quiet, but there are conditions when it's best to say nothing. As children, it may be exhausting to remain quiet whereas voicing our opinion and our ideas, however as we grow old, we develop into extra conscious of the instances and conditions when silence is life-saving, even life-giving. Try six conditions when it’s greatest to maintain your lips sealed:Picture Credit score: ©GettyImages/lolostock

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Electriq TV – A Revolution in Television? Samsung and LG both have some excellent technologies recently. Consumers want the best technology available for their TVs in order to have a brighter and clearer image and an improved viewing experience. The TV can do all these things and more, at a fraction of the cost of other TVs.    Samsung's new technology for televisions is the Smart Light technology. The Smart Light technology was created to offer consumers a lighter and clearer picture. Instead, it uses Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LICOS), a new thin film technology. What this means is that you will be able to get a clearer picture because the light isn't bouncing off objects the way it usually does and it makes for a much better viewing experience. Think of LCD televisions as mirrors; their mirrors reflect light in the same way the LCD screen does which causes some areas of the screen to be white and other areas to be black.    Samsung has also included two distinct display technologies in its television. One is Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS), the other is High Definition Multimedia Displaysss (HDM). These technologies enhance the user interface by making it simpler and more intuitive. Samsung Electriq TV looks a lot like an android smartphone. This is because it allows access to many different media interface functions.    Smart Light technology is what makes Samsung's Electriq TV stand out. It is basically a new type of LED light technology that consumes very little power. This TV is very eco-friendly as it uses no electricity or gas. If you are wondering what kind of technology is behind the LED light in the Electriq TV then you'll want to know. The LED light is basically a long thin piece of glass that is enclosed by a layer liquid with conductive properties. The light that comes out of this glass when viewing the screen is actually up to nine times brighter than the average LED light so you can clearly see the quality of the picture on the screen.    electriq tv remote app The Electriq TV runs a bit more expensive than most televisions on the market but it certainly is worth the money because it offers a lot more. The biggest advantage of these televisions is that they have a built-in DVR. The way that it works is that the TV can convert the signal from one input to another without having to stop the signal from going through the receiver in the computer. The Electriq TV includes many smart features, such as SIRI (Search and Interactivity Recognition).    It does not use the standard CRT or LCD panel display method. The Light Emitting Diode is an infrared technology that uses light. The screen can be made to look like a neon sign. This allows for brighter, crisper photos and better color accuracy. However, this technology does not allow for widescreen viewing or 3D viewing.    The screen's touch-sensitive feature is another unique feature. There is no need to purchase additional accessories such remote controls or hubs that connect wires. The whole unit is simply placed on the desk or television stand and all you need to do is place your finger on the screen. When your fingers move around the screen, you will receive a response from the light emitting device or LED lights. The result is that you can not only see the screen but touch it as well.      In general the Electriq TV is not the most advanced television on the market. The Electriq TV and its smart TVs can be used for all your entertainment needs. However they still have some catching up to do when it comes to picture quality and other smart television features. They will need to catch up to their competitors, just like any other product. They are however a good option if you need a smart television for your home now and moving forward. 


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